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Anthony Mennella
Director of Business Advisory Services

Anthony Mennella is a highly accomplished business consultant with a specialization in sales and an unwavering commitment to client success. Boasting a diverse sales background across multiple industries, Anthony has cultivated a remarkable ability to discern the distinct requirements of his clients and deliver bespoke solutions that surpass their expectations.

Throughout his distinguished career, Anthony has refined his expertise in relationship building, negotiation, and strategic planning, garnering a reputation as a dependable advisor and problem solver.

He recognizes the individuality of each client and meticulously evaluates their specific objectives and challenges before devising a tailor-made approach that yields tangible results.

Anthony's steadfast dedication to prioritizing the client has earned him numerous accolades and commendations from both clients and colleagues. He is celebrated for his professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering devotion to providing exceptional service.

As the head of the sales division, Anthony leads with an emphasis on hard work, perseverance, and honesty, believing these principles to be the foundation of success. In his leisure time, Anthony enjoys staying active and spending quality time with his family. A devoted Formula 1 Racing fan, he can often be found supporting the Red Bull Racing Team. Additionally, Anthony is an avid competitor and Chief Range Officer with the United States Practical Shooting Association, a Certified NRA Firearms Instructor, and a skilled photographer with six years of professional experience capturing family portraits, milestone events, and weddings.

Katie Morey
Director of Operations

Katie Morey serves as the Director of Operations at The TE Group, a role she has expertly performed since January 2022. With her keen sense of organization and detail-oriented mindset, she has been instrumental in streamlining operations and ensuring smooth and efficient workflows. 


Katie brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the team, honing her skills in the business and management sectors. Her leadership style focuses on open communication, teamwork, and a firm belief in everyone's potential to contribute positively to the company's objectives. 

Katie's responsibilities at The TE Group encompass planning, directing, and coordinating operational functions, ensuring that the company remains on the path of success. Her remarkable dedication to her role is marked by her ability to overcome challenges with resourcefulness and innovation. 


Away from her professional duties, Katie is an ardent lover of gardening and painting, activities that not only bring her joy but also foster her creativity and patience—traits that she often taps into in her work life. An avid music enthusiast, Katie's taste in music is as diverse as they come. 


Above all, she cherishes time spent with her family, strengthening the bonds that keep her grounded and inspired. Her blend of professional acumen and personal passion make Katie an invaluable asset to The TE Group, as she continues to drive the company towards greater operational efficiency and success.

Ali Okoh Main Headshot.jpg
Ali Okoh
Director of Quality Assurance

Ali Okoh, a seasoned professional in the finance and insurance industry, is dedicated to ensuring excellence through her role as Director of Quality Assurance. With nearly two decades of experience, she has honed her expertise in delivering impeccable financial services and insurance solutions to clients.

Ali's journey in these dynamic industries began in compliance with a drive to make an area often one of animosity into one of collaboration. Using the experience gained in that role, Ali embarked on a path that led her to diverse roles within the financial and insurance sectors.

As Director of Quality Assurance, Ali is entrusted with the critical responsibility of upholding the highest standards in our organization's operations. She has built a reputation for her meticulous attention to detail and ability to identify improvement areas and implement effective strategies. Ali's goal is to ensure that every aspect of our services meets and exceeds the expectations of our valued clients. Aside from her professional duties, Ali loves reading, baking, and traveling. As an award-winning baker, she is often found in the kitchen perfecting old recipes or trying something new. She enjoys CrossFit and Yoga and, most of all, spending time with her daughter and husband. Ali's commitment to excellence can be found in her personal and professional life.

Patrick McKeever
Director of Technology

Patrick has a passion for all things technology and spends his time on the cutting edge of all things computer related.  He also enjoys spending time with canine companions and regularly sits for dogs.  Patrick has lived in New Jersey all his life and graduated from The New Jersey Institute of Technology where he remains friends with many students and get together to share their passion

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