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The TE Group’s TE Solution Sets A New Standard In Tax Efficiency

Many people wonder how to save money without paying too much taxes, especially after putting the maximum amount into a retirement fund. The TE Group has devised the “Tax-Efficient Strategy,” a solution designed to help people save money in a way that reduces their tax bill.

A Game-Changer in the Financial World

Bill Koehler, a partner at The TE Group and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, sheds light on the primary objective of the Tax-Efficient Strategy. “Our goal is to offer individuals and their families a long-term savings strategy that’s optimally tax-favored. It’s invested on the equivalent of pre-tax, grows tax-free, and is distributed tax-free,” Koehler explained. This triad of benefits sets the Tax-Efficient Strategy apart from other solutions in the market.

Michael Neal, another partner and accountant at The TE Group emphasized the strategy’s uniqueness. “After individuals max out their retirement plan contributions, they’re often left wondering how to continue saving in a tax-efficient manner,” he says. “While there are products that offer some tax shelter, like municipal bonds, annuities, and tax-managed accounts, none provided the triple tax-free benefit that our strategy does.”

Addressing the Challenges Head-On

The Tax-Efficient Strategy is a financial product that addresses specific challenges that savers face. Once contributions to retirement plans are maxed out, options for tax-efficient savings become limited. This strategy fills that gap, providing a solution for post-retirement plan savings.

Neal elaborated on the challenges, “After savers have maxed out their contributions into their retirement plans, they have very limited options to optimally save. The Tax-Efficient Strategy addresses this issue, providing a solution for saving tax-efficiently post-retirement plan savings.”

Key Features and Target Audience

The Tax-Efficient Strategy boasts four key features for savers. “Pre-tax equivalent savings, tax-free growth, and tax-free distributions. An added benefit is a life insurance payout if the saver dies prematurely,” Koehler highlighted.

When asked about the target audience for the Tax-Efficient Strategy, Koehler responded, “Most savers would benefit from the structure of the Tax-Efficient Solution. However, we also recognize the benefits of retirement plan savings. We believe the audience that would benefit most from the solution is savers who have maxed out their retirement plan contributions and are looking for new strategies.”

Distinguishing the Tax-Efficient Strategy

The Tax-Efficient Strategy stands out from other tax-efficient solutions primarily because it provides savers with the equivalent of a triple tax-free savings vehicle. Most other tax-efficient solutions can only deliver two such benefits. For instance, with 401(k) accounts or IRAs, savers contribute on a pre-tax basis and benefit from tax-free growth, but face taxes upon withdrawal. Conversely, Roth 401(k) or IRA contributions are made post-tax, grow tax-free, and are withdrawn tax-free. It’s essential to note that this analysis doesn’t consider the benefit of company matches.

The TE Group’s Tax-Efficient Strategy shall impact the financial industry and improve savers’ lives. By addressing a long-standing challenge and offering a unique solution, the company underscores its commitment to innovation and client-centric services. As the financial world evolves, strategies like these will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of savings and investments.

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