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Preventative Care Maintenance Program

The TE Group Process:

Having worked with numerous executive and HR teams for over 60 years, we have identified key performance indicators (KPIs) that demonstrate how effectively an organization is maximizing its return on investment in its employee benefit and HR budgets. These KPIs provide focus for strategic and operational improvement, a method to compare achievements to similar organizations, and serve as the foundation of each custom Strategic Plan. When an organization is running highly effectively on all KPIs, it not only maximizes its return on investment, it elevates its relationship with employees.

Each Plan is created as a comprehensive plan to execute your organizations’ benefits goals more effectively – your way. The Blueprint serves as pathway to a successful benefits program. But it doesn’t end there; TEG continually monitors performance and measures success to ensure your plan continuously makes a positive difference in your organization.

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Preventative Care Maintenance Program

Preventative care maintenance programs often incorporate rewards or incentives to encourage employees to participate. Because there are numerous legal requirements for wellness program design, employers sometimes overlook the federal tax implications of a program’s rewards.

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De minimis (or minimal) benefits are one type of nontaxable employee fringe benefit. A de minimis benefit is any property or service that has so little value (taking into account how frequently similar benefits are provided to employees) that accounting for it would be unreasonable or administratively impracticable. Cash and cash equivalent fringe benefits (for example, gift certificates and gift cards), no matter how little, are never excludable as a de minimis benefit. 

The law does not specify a value threshold for benefits to qualify as de minimis. The determination will always depend on facts and circumstances. Examples of benefits that may qualify as de minimis fringe benefits include small gifts, occasional movie, theater or sports tickets, water bottles, coffee cups and T-shirts. 

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