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Chief Executive Officer

Bill Koehler, AIF ®

Meet Bill, a highly skilled financial planner, Accredited Investment Fiduciary, and partner at The TE Group, where he brings a unique blend of engineering expertise and a personable approach. With a remarkable track record of success, Bill has been instrumental in guiding small businesses towards their financial goals and overcoming challenges along the way.


Prior to his role at The TE Group, Bill made significant contributions as a financial planner and partner at Kingsview, where he built two offices and a multi-million-dollar practice within five years. His tenure at Kingsview was marked by exceptional achievements, including being part of a team managing $15 billion in assets and $5 billion in publicly traded ETFs. Additionally, he leveraged his engineering background to develop innovative programs that continue to benefit companies today.

At The TE Group, Bill's focus remains on empowering small businesses to thrive financially. His analytical mindset allows him to understand each client's unique needs deeply, crafting tailored strategies for success. As a licensed financial professional and Accredited Investment Fiduciary, Bill ensures that he always acts in the best interests of his clients, upholding the highest ethical standards in every interaction.

Under Bill's leadership, The TE Group has experienced remarkable growth and garnered a reputation for excellence in business consulting. His dedication to client satisfaction and commitment to delivering results have been key drivers behind the company's success. Beyond his professional endeavors, Bill enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, indulging in his hobbies such as surfing and being a car enthusiast.

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